A Family

Maison P. Ferraud & Fils is first and foremost a story of five generations following in each other’s footsteps over the centuries générations :

Philibert, Tony, Antoine, Pierre et Yves-Dominique… with the sole objective from the very beginning : produce high quality wines which combine authenticity with typical character.

In 1882

Philibert Ferraud

Born in Régnié, Philibert moved to Belleville in 1882 to create his wine business. At this time, wines left the vineyard in traditional 215-litre barrels called “pièces”, on ox-drawn carts. They were then shipped in barrels from our cellars by barge and then rail.

In 1890

Tony Ferraud

He joined his father to help develop the business. The clientèle was local but stretched all the way to Lyon and deliveries were already going as far as Paris.

In 1914

Antoine Ferraud

He joined the business at 14, at the beginning of the war. He followed in his father’s footsteps in the 1930s ans successfully broke into the Parisian market. He managed the business until 1954.

In 1948

Pierre Ferraud

Pierre Ferraud joined the business at the end of the war. Around 1962, Pierre carried out the first hand-bottling processes (corking, wax around the neck, hand-affixed label)


Yves-Dominique Ferraud

Yves-Dominique’s first overseas visit was on his father’s request, at the age of 17.He officially joined his father Pierre in 1986 and opened the company up to international export business.

For Yves-Dominique Ferraud, the symbiosis of traditional and modern techniques is essential to ensure the quality and typical character of th wines and the consistency of the appellations throughout the different vintages.

These criteria help guarantee the name and image of Maison P. Ferraud et Fils in France and on the international market.